Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth

The cover of "Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth" by Isabela Oliveira and Jed Sabin, with title and byline in dark brown text against a light brown wall under a large arched window looking out on a vibrant garden in various Pride flag colors. On the windowsill is a window box full of succulents in blue, white, and pink trans pride colors, and a pot with a climbing vine that is red at the base and extends through the rainbow, with the purple end at the top of the window's arch. In the air above the succulents is a small rainbow dragonfly. Through the window there is a garden with a pond and two trees, one with a knot in rainbow colors and mushrooms growing at the base in pansexual colors (pink, yellow, blue). In the pond there are lily pads in genderqueer pride colors (green, white, purple). There is a green path snaking past several flower and vegetable patches and planter boxes, through a fence into a field beyond. The front of the path is framed with tulips in asexual pride colors (black, grey, white, purple) on one side and lilies in pansexual colors (pink, yellow, blue) on the other side. There are flowers in the colors of bisexual pride (blue, pink, purple) and polysexual pride (pink, green, blue), and there are leafy vegetables in the colors of aromantic pride (green, white, grey, black), lesbian pride (purple, white, orange), genderqueer pride (green, white, purple), nonbinary pride (white, black, yellow, purple), and genderqueer pride (pink, white, purple, black, blue).

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Lambda Literary Awards finalist!

This collection of speculative short fiction is about all kinds of queer growth, from emerging and developing to flourishing and cultivating. Whether they're tender sprouts just beginning to discover themselves or deeply rooted leaders fiercely defending those they love, the people in these stories have this in common: you can't tell them what to do. They grow as they please.

Full table of contents:

The Aloe's Bargain by Julian Stuart
This Story is Called "The Transformation of Things" by P.H. Lee
Uncharting Territory by Jessica Yang
The Thing About the Jack-o'-Lanterns by Maggie Damken
Midnight Candy by Wren Douglas
The Mandrake Loves the Olive by Sonia Sulaiman
Seedlings by Audrey R. Hollis
Dandelion Wishes by Leora Spitzer
The Princess and the P. Sativum by Jennifer Lee Rossman
Sapspear Syrup by Bradley Scott
A Lumberjack's Guide to Dryad Spotting by Charles Payseur
Folded Into Tendril and Leaf by Bogi Takács
Feeding Coals by Mile H.
Reclaiming Our Roots by Hanna A. Nirav
How to Make a Spell Jar by EA Crawley
The Tree Whisperer by Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe
what the water gave by Cynthia Zhang
To Build a Garden by C.B. Blanchard

ISBN: 978-1-7366182-2-6